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Re: Wall Studs

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> What would be the maximum height for 2x6 wood wall studs carrying only
> wind load? If you finger joint them or double them up and splice them can
> you get 30'-0" clear?

Which building code (and which year?)  Wind exposure factor?  Height above
grade?  What type of wood is common in your area?

You can probably get them to work out strength-wise, but your deflections
might be a problem.  You're also going to have major problems finding boards
that are straight enough.

You might consider going with metal studs or with a manufactured wood
product.  TrusJoist MacMillan makes a stud with E=1.3x10^6 and Fb = 1700
(  They advertise lengths up to 22', but you might could call
and special order longer ones.

Jason W. Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
(816) 444-3144