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Re: Rush work charges (not a structural issue)

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Actually this is a very relevant issue.  The contractor has asked you to do
a crash project because he now realizes that his employee, who may not
actually be a registered engineer, cannot perform this particular project.

If you are near the El Dorado County area, which I surmise from your fax
number you are, don't do this job as there is so much work around that you
can pick and choose.  Call me if you want some small building or
residential work as I'm referring the many calls I get to the other local
civil and structural engineers.

If you do take this job, ask for a healthy deposit and when you submit the
project to him, get your payment at that time.  In many of these "instant
engineering" projects for desperate "clients", there is usually a delay of
payment.  You may also find that this client's projects are all done this
way.  "Instant engineering" projects are also prone to mistakes or possibly
you may not be furnished all of the pertinent data.

Bottom line:  beware.

Neil Moore, S.E.
530 677-4308

>Hi everybody,
>I have a question regarding contracts and prices.
>Sorry that it's not a structural relevent issue.
>My main question is how much extra should we charge,
>if client asks for a rush work? 
>This question is based on a long story that I had and
>you might be interested to know and comment about that
>too. Otherwise please ignore the rest.
>A couple months ago, one cotractor asked me to put
>proposal for designing of a small commercial office
>and I did. Some days after that, he told me that he
>had hired a person to take care about the design
>inside the company. But last week he called me and
>told me that his body needs consulting on that job. I
>offered him consulting on hourly basis and also I
>realized his body is in entry level and is doing his
>first job! Anyway as I would expected he called me
>again and told me that his body is not able fo finish
>the job and they need me to do that immediately in
>less than one week! Now if you were me, would you
>accept the job? And if you would, how much would you
>Thanks in advance,
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