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Rush work charges (not a structural issu

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If you have the people available to do the work on a rush basis, including 
overtime, then a charge of, say, 150% to 200% of your regular hourly and 
overtime hourly charges would be appropriate.  Remember, you are probably 
going to have to start from the beginning as the "work" done by the 
inexperienced designer probably can't be relied on.  It is not just 
"completing" the work.

However, if the "rush job" would require you to put that work ahead of other 
work, that would be another story.  The stock answer that I give a person who 
has a "rush job" and is willing to pay me extra to do it "right away" is, 
"Fine, as long as you don't mind me putting your job on the back burner if 
someone else comes along and wants me to put their job ahead of yours."  So 
far, no one has taken me up on that.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Frank Tehrani wrote:

>>Hi everybody,
I have a question regarding contracts and prices.
Sorry that it's not a structural relevent issue.

My main question is how much extra should we charge,
if client asks for a rush work? 

This question is based on a long story that I had and
you might be interested to know and comment about that
too. Otherwise please ignore the rest.

A couple months ago, one cotractor asked me to put
proposal for designing of a small commercial office
and I did. Some days after that, he told me that he
had hired a person to take care about the design
inside the company. But last week he called me and
told me that his body needs consulting on that job. I
offered him consulting on hourly basis and also I
realized his body is in entry level and is doing his
first job! Anyway as I would expected he called me
again and told me that his body is not able fo finish
the job and they need me to do that immediately in
less than one week! Now if you were me, would you
accept the job? And if you would, how much would you

Thanks in advance,