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RE: Rush work charges

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"If I were your client I'd be 
pretty upset by this whole thread." 

What aspect would you find upsetting?  The contractor is running a business,
and makes business decisions on a daily basis.  I don't see why the
contractor should expect the engineer to behave differently.  Cost/benefit
and time management decisions are part of that.  Unless specific names were
named or the contractor's character was impugned in some manner, I don't see
the harm in examining the situation from a business perspective.  The only
exception would be if the relationship between the engineer and the
contractor was so close and long-standing that the contractor reasonably
expected to get a very special consideration rather than be treated as any
other valued client would.  Most firms have a list of valued clients that
would fall into that category, but I assume that this is not the case or the
question would never have been asked.  

Paul Crocker