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RE: [AEC-Residential] Perforated Shearwalls

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Announcement - Links to Summary of Testing reports for Long Shear Walls with
openings (aka Perforated Shearwalls).

As of this afternoon, I have located the summary of testing done at Virginia
Tech for AF&PA, The National Association of Home Builders (and HUD) and the
Wood Truss Council. The papers include Monotonic testing as well as
Sequential Phased Displacement of cyclically tested wall panels (long walls
with perforations).
This will allow you to adequately review the testing standards (which do
comply with the SEAOSC cyclic testing standards) as well as the
recommendations that each report makes.
I have not reviewed in depth the results of the testing, but from a casual
look, I believe that the tests have been shown to be valid.
The NAHBRC reports also exist on the site for Sequential Phased displacement
tests of wood-framed shear walls with corners and Sequential Phased
Displacement Cyclic Tests of wood-framed shearwalls with openings and base
restraint configurations.

The links are found on the Structuralist Professional Page at I invite all interested in
reviewing the documents to visit the discussion forum where the links are
found and to submit your opinions to any of the lists or discussion forums
available to you.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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If I am comparing the quality of construction I would expect to recieve from
a proprietary shearwall system and a perforated shearwall;  I would expect
that the quality would be better from a perforated wall,  since it is
essentially the same wall Mr. Carpenter has always built.  Even if he
completely forgets to install the additional blocks and straps at windows,
it can all be done after the sheathing is installed without any removal of
the work he has done.

It seems to me that many of the problems with shrinkage and sill crushing
will be reduced since the aspect ratio of a perforated wall is far better.
So there will be no need to install special steel bearing plates, or other
compensating devices in the sole plate.

The testing also shows the need to have hold-downs at the corners and doors,
to prevent the plate lifting, stud/plate seperation and nail tear through at
the wall ends.  The testing done in APA 157 more clearly demonstrates the
need for straps and blocking at the window openings, especially the window

A perscriptive method for perforated walls should be possible,  it seems to
be significantly better than the alternative braced wall requirements of
Chp. 23.

Robert Shaffer, PE
Santa Cruz, CA

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