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Thanks for your reply. 
But I probably got misunderstood or I did not clarify my question enough.

Basically, the question is this:

Let us assume the following - 

Equipment Wt = 5 kip,  Accel at CG of Equipment = 0.65g
Foundation Wt = 10 kips, Max Ground Accel = 0.40g

Let us calculate base shear for foundation sliding check:

Sliding Force = 5 kip x 0.65 = 3.25 kip ( I believe this will meet code).


Force = 5 kip x 0.65  +  10 kip x 0.40  =  7.25 kip (I do not think code
requires this method).

I would appreciate your looking into this further and giving your opinion.

Thanks again.