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Pile/Pier tie beam interpretation

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I need some assistance interpreting a requirement in BOCA (this requirement
is also in most other codes) regarding interconnected ties for pier
foundations.  Section 1815.2 states "Pier foundations shall be
interconnected by ties for buildings assigned to Seismic Performance
Category C, D, or E.  It is the term "interconnected" that I am having a
problem with.  Does this mean that all pier need to be connected with a tie
beam system?  My situation stems from the design of an aircraft maintenance
building which has a clear span of 163'.  I will have tie beams connecting
the piers longitudinally but I would like to avoid constructing a tie beam
across the entire span. Can the intent of the code be met by adding
additional piers to the inside of the building (say 15'), and constructing a
tie beam from this pier to the main pier and longitudinal tie beam?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated,


Kevin Bowling, P.E.
Lockwood Greene Technologies