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RE: Engineered wood for Tall Wall Studs

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		Timberstrand studs are available out west. I use them quite
frequently. They are your best alternative for tall walls. I have never seen
a Timberstrand wall in the field that wasn't perfectly straight. Steel studs
are an option, but I don't believe there are any cost savings associated
with their use. No need to bring another trade on site. The only "liability"
with Timberstrand studs is that they start at 2x8. If you want 2x6 they
could be milled down for a price I'm sure. But if your walls are quite tall
2x6 isn't an option anyway. TJ's # is 800-628-3997 in Boise. They'll be able
to guide you to their distributors in your local area.
		Aaron J. Burkhardt, P.E.
		KPFF Consulting Engineers
		Portland, OR
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		Someone recommended using Trus-joist products for tall
walls;  I noticed he works for Trus-joist.
		I called for 26-foot "Timberstrand" studs, was very annoyed
to find out that they are NOT available west of the Mississippi.
		Maybe this has changed, but just because they will send you
the product literature does not mean you can get the product. 
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