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Re: Tall wall studs, Timberstrand, and Bozos

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Timberstrand is available in the western states in LENGTHS UP TO 17.5  FEET  last I heard (May 2000, from TJ rep).  Don't remember if this was only in 1-1/4 inch thickness or 1-1/2 inch.   Check with your local rep.
I hope they will start distributing 1-1/2 inch by 35-foot long Timberstrand on the west coast soon--it's great for rafters under heavy snow loads, as well as tall studs.   Anyone from Trus Joist out there?  I know someone was recently...
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Let's try to keep things courteous here...   In one of my posts I stated that "someone"  worked for Trus Joist--his e-mail address  was  name(--nospam--at)
Someone ELSE thought I was refering to him, and responded:
    "I dont work for truss joist yu Bozo, I just stated what we did."
That would be MISTER Bozo to you, sir....
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