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RE: [AEC-Residential] Perforated Shearwalls - Response to Jay Crandell's Comments

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I read and re-read the starting paragraph of your e-mail response and I owe
you an apology. I've been trying to make this information available to the
professional community for quite a few years now - as you well know. When
you finally send a statement exhibiting a gracious willingness to work with
the professional community, I just did not recognize the well intention and
responded defensively. I simply misinterpreted your comments and for this I
humbly apologize to you and to REACH.

I'll hold my apology to SEAOC until which point that they can put me in my
place by making the work of the Seismology Committee available and provide
us with as magnanimous an offer.

I hope you will accept my apologies and stay with us on the list. You can
also count on my help to insure that the word gets out and that there is a
definitive link to all the important information and resources to make sure
that the professional community's opinions and suggestions are heard.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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You are your own worst enemy in meeting what you say are the
needs.  Have I denied you an opportunity to participate in review of
our work because you are not paying dues to REACH?  No.  I was
reaching out to your group in an offer to share future work and to
get feedback from design practitioners on issues of importance
with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!!  Instead, I get a pretty disgraceful
response.  I too am a practitioner and I value the feedback from
other practitioners.  I have heard the complaints from practitioners
and builders alike and these get woven into our research objectives
that follow  (without wavering or exception) the ideals of
SCIENTIFIC METHOD and very practical applications of it.  (Our
work is open to criticism, and if you have substantive issues --
which none have been raised -- with our work I will do what is
necessary to address them in keeping with adhering to scientific
method and objectivity).  Neither I nor the Reseach Center nor
NAHB has absolutely any need to create some self-proclaimed
group of designers (i.e. REACH) for the simple purpose of making it
look like we or somebody esle has credibiltiy.  Your continual
seeking for an ulterior motive in our existence, purpose, and
motives in conducting research for the benefit of the design
community AND builders AND homebuyers has reached the last
straw.  Please remove me from the structurallist (or I can do so
myself if I can find the directions).  I have no time or need of such
continual B.S and dominance and slander which interfers with other
more productive e-mail communication.  I regret that it has come to
this, but it has.  I will continue to work for the common good, but it
will be communicated to those in the practicing community and
eslewhere who have an appreciation for it's intrinsic value, and not
get hung up on stereotypes or superficialities.  It will also be to
those who appreciate that work of good value comes at a cost.  If
anyone on the list wishes to contact me personally regarding are
work and to obtain research reports, I can be reached at
jcrandell(--nospam--at) or log on to our website at

Signing off,


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