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William Sherman,

Thanks for your comments.  I need a clarification though.  You mentioned
that the inertia of the foundation will try to resist lateral movement.
Therefore, seismic force generated by the weight of the foundation
should be considered.

I agree with you in the case when an object is located above the soil. 
This object will resist motion of the ground because of inertia. 

But when the foundation is buried and surrounded by soil (soil is
compacted of course), then the foundation is part of the soil.  It will move
with the soil and there is no relative motion between the foundation and
the interface soil below.  And if there is no relative motion between the
surrounding soil and the foundation, the foundation itself does not exert
seismic force. 

And based on working stress criteria (no load factors, etc), what is the
minimum code required FS against overturning at the bottom corner of the
foundation due to seismic?
Thanks in advance.

Vinod Sahni, SE