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Yes about 15 years ago the guy I worked for had his stamp sticky backed with signature and he would attach it to drawings.  Other cases liked this happened so Colorado soon began requiring you stamp in black and sign in blue.  I still think that is a good idea.
Another case was when this one contractor was building the same model over and over again.  My boss would review the foundation as required in Colorado but started noticing that he never saw any cut bars or scrap at the site.
So one day he reviewed the foundation and came back a couple of hours later and found the crew pulling the reinforcing out and hauling it to the next site.
Unfortunately we always read in the newsletters published by each state about other engineers who are reprimanded with their licenses suspended that goes back to the other states they are registered in yet those who practice without a license are slapped in the hands and fined a couple of thousands of dollars.
Something doesn't seem right here.
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From: Mark Baker
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Today I became aware of a disturbing situation. It seems a contractor (whom I do not know personally) copied a portion of a drawing produced by our office, reassembled it into a drawing of his own and tried to pull permit.
Tomorrow I meet with the individual who alerted me to this situation and will have the opportunity to see the drawing in question.
Anyone ever have a similar experience? Anyone know of the legal recourses available for something like this?

--- David Hall
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