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RE: copyright

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>Looks like there a market for electronically sealing Cad drawings so that 
>they can only be read and not copied.  That way, whatever is "published" 
>can't be modified, and fine print can be added to the drawing that limits 
>it use, say to a particular job, etc.
Adobe Acrobat already has this capability. And it works with every single 
app I use (Including my ancient FEA software and my CAD program). The 
security goes from view only (secure against printing, copying or 
modification) to completely insecure (anyone can do anything).  
Electronic signatures can be appended along with annotations and 
signature dates and comments for multiple signers. And I can make a pdf 
file from any app with the 'Print' menu pick, by opting to print to a pdf 
file. The pdf's come out compressed, too, and open transparently in 
Acrobat or Reader, which is free. Pdf's are totally cross-platform, which 
is also nice when you don't know what the client is running. 

Admittedly, I do this on a Mac which tends to be a lot more uniform as 
regards print drivers and such, but the manuals state that all 
functionality is there for Windows, too, along with a certain number of 
Windoze-only features. I've just never tried it on Wintel iron. 

Anyone want a demo, let me know off list.

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