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RE: Steel column flange damage repair

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Heat straightening may be a very effective means of repair. There are several papers in the AISC Conference Proceedings with the technical back-up. If they are of interest to you, I can reply with where you can find them. Reinforcement will likely be unnecessary.
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Subject: Steel column flange damage repair

I have a new moment frame column where the flange is bent locally inward on
one side for about 4 inch length. It appeared to have been caused during
shipping or fabrication. The fabricator erected the frame anyway and it was
not caught until I visited the site for structural observation. The damage is
located within the critical bending moment area.

I am proposing straightening the flange and adding plates on both sides of
the flange with weld all around. The fabricator suggested applying heat to
straighten the flange. The steel is ASTM A992.

Are there any concerns with the above procedure? are there other repair

Thanks in advance.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Los Angeles, CA