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Re: Drilled Piers

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Piers larger than 6'-0" diameter are used so augers for those types of
larger sizes should be available.  Typically, drilled piers on the order
of 9'-0" or larger would show up on high rise buildings.  If my memory
serves me correctly, several of the high rise buildings in downtown
Detroit sit on drilled piers that are larger than 10'-0" that go down to
bed rock (about 100 ft if I recall correctly).

Hope that helps,


On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Jason Kilgore wrote:

> I'm working on a project in the Kansas City area that will utilize drilled
> piers.
> Based on the loads and soil conditions (soft clay over bedrock), we're
> looking at using 9'-0" diam. x 35' long piers in some locations.  Including
> the cap, this is over 100 yd^3 of concrete per pier!
> I've never worked with piers larger than 6'-0" before, so I don't even know
> if they make an auger this big.  Anyone have any experience with this?
> I'm not the head guy on this -- I'm just helping another engineer out.  I'm
> not making any of the decisions on the project.  I just thought I'd check on
> what was available before the final drawings go out next month.
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