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Re: copyright

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I get shop drawings back 2-3 times a year where our details are just Xerox'd onto the page and submitted back.  I temper my joyful REJECTED stamp with a form letter explaining (in patronizing tones that would do justice to Al Gore) why shop drawings need to be original work.  Not worth copyright issue discussion for that case. 
Your case is more serious, but probably will cost you more $$ than recoverable from the offending party.  Letting the entire building community (engineers, contractors, building depts., &etc.) know about this activity and who did it will provide, however, a satisfactory remedy.
Larry Oeth
Portland, OR
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From: Mark Baker
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2000 9:37 PM
Subject: copyright

Today I became aware of a disturbing situation. It seems a contractor (whom I do not know personally) copied a portion of a drawing produced by our office, reassembled it into a drawing of his own and tried to pull permit.
Tomorrow I meet with the individual who alerted me to this situation and will have the opportunity to see the drawing in question.
Anyone ever have a similar experience? Anyone know of the legal recourses available for something like this?