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RE: Steel column flange damage repair

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Paul Ransom,
 The process of heat straightening is, as I have indicated previously, an
art. The procedure is learned and practiced by men like Ray Stitt or George
Shenifeld, who I believe have been  retired for some time.  However, many
of today's fabricators have developed staff that are competent in the

In Canada, I would contact ADF in Montreal, or a plate fabricator, one who
fabricates tanks, hoppers or large plate fabrications.

I, personally have been involved with developing beam and girder cambering
procedures, repairing several 10'-0" diameter cooling tower vents that had
been distorted by fire and developing several repairs of damaged flanges;
all done with properly applied and controlled heat and without reinforcing.
If done properly, the heat straightening will produce a repair that is
practically invisible and as noted by Charlie Carter of AISC, may not
require the addition of a reinforcing plate.

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> Back to the hydraulic jack. If the bent flange is heated to cherry red
> the bend, and the jack is used a means of moving the flange inline there
> little to no chance to damage the remaining portion of the member.
> David I. Ruby, S.E.
> Chair, Coalition of American Structural Engineers

It seems that there are techniques which don't require the use of a
hydraulic jack. Are there any professionals at the Coalition of American
Structural Engineers who could describe such a method?

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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