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RE: Steel column flange damage repair

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Actually, heat straightening and the use of a hydraulic jack with heat
applied to the damaged area are two completely different procedures.

Heat straightening is just as it states the straightening of steel with the
use of heat.

Heat plus jack is a mechanical process that is made easier by the use of
heat; but this is not heat straightening.

I would submit that there is not one in a hundred engineers that prior to
this discussion would know that there is a difference between a cutting type
and a heating tip.

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Paul Ransom wrote:

. > It seems that there are techniques which don't require the use of a
. > hydraulic jack.


First of all, I have no connection with the Coalition of Structural

It seems to me that the use of a hydraulic jack is just a means of
accelerating the straightening of the flange using flame straightening.  It
is much the same as using gravity to help induce camber in a beam --- you
have the beam in an inverted position and heat the top flange, and gravity
helps produce a downward deflection as the beam cools.  The same thing could
be accomplished with the beam horizontal on rollers, but it would take much

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

P.S.  Regarding someone else's comment about not using a cutting tip to heat
the beam:  If someone did not know the difference between a cutting tip and
heating tip on a torch, he/she is not experienced in flame straightening and
should not be permitted near the deformed beam except as an observer.