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Re;Truss barcing

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There was an article in the "Engineering Journal" third quarter of 1983 (do I really save stuff that long?).  It was titled The Importance of Tension Chord Bracing by James M. Fisher (I believe that's Dr. Fisher).  If the AISC web site doesn't have it, send me your fax number by private e-mail and I'll fax it to you.

A more comprehensive discussion of general bracing design is in another Engineering Journal article, titled "A Unified Approach for Stability Bracing Requirements" also by Dr. Fisher with Dr. LeRoy A. Lutz. 

I've also found the Yura and Helwig bracing notes very helpful and I know that Charlie Carter can hook you up with those.

Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR

So, is there some direction, text, etc to determine the requirements for the
strength and stiffness required for the tension chord.  I've been hoping
that something like that would come up in this thread because I have a
situation with a "fish belly" truss, you know the old King Post truss that
shows up in all the old statics books where the top chord is continuous and
horizontal and the bottom chord is discontinuous and pitched two directions.
What would be the bracing requirements for the bottom chord at the
compression web location at the junction of the two bottom chords?

Joseph R. Grill, PE