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RE: Mill tests

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Title: RE: Mill tests

A500 grade B has Fy = 42 ksi for round cross-sections and Fy = 46 ksi for rectangular (and square) cross-sections.

By the way, A501 is not generally available. I think that's probably why you're seeing the substitution request for A500. Check out this link for help properly specifying materials:



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We had a project where A501 (hot-rolled) pipe was specified for handrail
supports for a stair.  The handrail was 36" high.  UBC code requires a 200#
point load at any location, so 1.5" I.D. pipe was required.

The fabricator wanted to use 1.25" I.D. pipe in A500 Gr. B, which AISC lists
as having a Fy of 42,000 psi.  The fabricator claimed that ASTM lists it as
46,000 psi.  He then sent me a copy of the mill test report, which indicated
a Fy of 63,000 psi.  The steel was cross-certified for A53, but nothing that
would result in such a high yield.

Which is correct - 42ksi or 46ksi?
Is it common for steel to test out that much higher than spec?

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