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RE: Mill tests

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-Jason Kilgore wrote:
>The 1997 ICBO UBC (1003.3.3.6) and the 1999 BOCA NBC (1022.2.4)
>are even more lienient ... 

>Who controls in a disagreement with a local building code and OSHA?
>Can a local government allow construction that is less strict than OSHA?

Lower authorities may make laws more restrictive but not less.  In the US,
the order of precedence is Federal, State, Local.  Federal laws, courts,
etc. ALWAYS have the highest jurisdiction.  The current case before the US
Supreme Court is a prime example.

That being said, we must remember that OSHA does have a restricted scope, it
only applies to work places and conditions.  Also different rules apply when
the building is being built and demolished.  No workers = No OSHA.

Mark Jones
Jacobs Engineering