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Re: PPE Exam

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Are you taking the "Breadth and Depth" or the "Structural I" exam?

Do the usual test-taking steps: study now, get plenty of sleep the night
before instead of last-minute cramming.  Bring several extra pencils, lead,
erasers, batteries, etc.  Don't forget a back-up calculator.

Bring ear plugs.  You will probably be in a hotel convention hall, and the
convention being held right next door won't care which test you're taking
and will be as loud and rowdy as they want.

Bring a light jacket.  You might wind up like me and be seated directly
under a air conditioning vent (seating is assigned).

Bring money for food and drink.  We were allowed to have food in the room,
but couldn't put anything on the table with the tests.  This made sense
because if a drink gets spilled on someone else's almost-finished test blood
will probably flow.

Pack a lunch and snacks.  We had the option of ordering a hot lunch at the
hotel cafeteria (if we waited 30 minutes in line) or buying a very small $7
sandwich, chips, and a canned soda.

Books and Study guides:

NCEES ( has practice tests available.  Get one and take it.
They also have breakdowns of the tests with the percentage of each type of
problem on the site.

A good source for materials is Professional Publications, Inc. at  McGraw-Hill also some books. and were wastes of time for me last summer.  Also, ask anyone
you know who's taken the test recently if you can have/buy their old books.

I did all my studying with the practice test and a exam preparation book by
Michael Lindeburg (warning - the Lindeburg book has hundreds of errata - far
far more than the 8 pages worth you can download from the PPI site).

Beg, borrow, buy, or steal a copy of all the codes.  This is absolutely
essential.  Even though I did all my studying with the preparation book, I
never cracked it or the two textbooks I brought with me during the test.
All I used were the different codes (UBC, ACI, AISC, AASHTO, NDS wood, etc.)
There is a complete list with the correct versions to use on the NCEES site.

Good luck!
Jason W. Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
(816) 444-3144