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building permits

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How should an engineer deal with a very large structural retrofit project
that requires his/her nearly continuous on-side inspection during
construction, when the client and contractor have no intention of obtaining
a building permit or interacting with the local building department?

In the Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC, based on the 1997 UBC), they
actually print sections from the Oregon Revised Statutes.  The one of
interest regarding my question is:  ?ORS 455.450 - A person shall not engage
in or procure, aid, or abet any other person to engage in any conduct or
activity for which a required by any specialty code...without
first having obtained such a permit...? (Section 103 of the 1998 OSSC).

Would the continuous on-site inspection provided by the engineer violate

The engineer in question is a relative new PE without the benefit of having
experienced PE?s in the office to provide guidance.

Thank you very much for your responses.

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