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RE: Apartment Building Collapse

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If the designer was a youngster when he designed it and with 76 years
passing since it was built, the designer probably doesn't have to worry much
about the liability  :<)
Bill Cain  S.E.
Oakland CA

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	Thanks Mike.  The article brings up another interesting question.
The structure was built in 1924 (76 years ago).  Additionally the article
infers it was a slum and not well maintained.  Apart from the tragic loss of
life, 76 years seems like a pretty extensive service life.  I have heard
many numbers bantered about, but the current concept appears to be design
codes and practice expect a 50 year service life for the structures we
design. (please correct me if I am in error). 
	What is the service life in mind when you are designing typical
structures?  When does the liability of the engineer end?
	My personal impression is that economic pressures push toward a
shorter expected longevity rather than building for the ages.  What are the
thoughts of others along these lines?
	Paul Feather

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		This is  a link to the latest LA Times story. At the bottom
of the story is a button to "Search for similar stories" that will bring up
the other LA times stories on this.
		Mike Murphy

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			Subject: Apartment Building Collapse
			There was a blurb on the news about an apartment
building that experienced a partial collapse somewhere in the Los Angeles
			Does anyone have any further information?  The news
was pretty limited (sensationalism only), and our local papers did not carry
the article.
			Paul Feather