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RE: Apartment Building Collapse

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The owner certainly got a fair useful life out of the structure perhaps
well beyond the engineers expectations.  
Samir Ghosn, P.E.
Harris & Associates
At 02:35 PM 12/13/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>If the designer was a youngster when he designed it and with 76 years
>passing since it was built, the designer probably doesn't have to worry much
>about the liability  :<)
>Bill Cain  S.E.
>Oakland CA
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>	Thanks Mike.  The article brings up another interesting question.
>The structure was built in 1924 (76 years ago).  Additionally the article
>infers it was a slum and not well maintained.  Apart from the tragic loss of
>life, 76 years seems like a pretty extensive service life.  I have heard
>many numbers bantered about, but the current concept appears to be design
>codes and practice expect a 50 year service life for the structures we
>design. (please correct me if I am in error). 
>	What is the service life in mind when you are designing typical
>structures?  When does the liability of the engineer end?
>	My personal impression is that economic pressures push toward a
>shorter expected longevity rather than building for the ages.  What are the
>thoughts of others along these lines?
>	Paul Feather
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>		This is  a link to the latest LA Times story. At the bottom
>of the story is a button to "Search for similar stories" that will bring up
>the other LA times stories on this.
>		Mike Murphy
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>			Subject: Apartment Building Collapse
>			There was a blurb on the news about an apartment
>building that experienced a partial collapse somewhere in the Los Angeles
>			Does anyone have any further information?  The news
>was pretty limited (sensationalism only), and our local papers did not carry
>the article.
>			Thanks,
>			Paul Feather