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Re: Apartment Building Collapse

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It depends upon the original design, the code in force at the time of
design, subsequent modifications, loading history, maintenance history,
actual vs. designed usage, the materials supplier(s), the quality of the
workmanship, the level of supervision, the consequences of the failure,
changes in surroundings and
conditions, improvements in knowledge of the particular construction and
probably other similar items.

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> I figured this one was coming, but let's add another scenario to the
> discussion.  A few weeks back there was an article on a building in the
> Newport Harbor area that was partly on land and partly over the water on
> piers.  After 27 useful years of service the building piers sank over a 24
> hour period creating a 30 plus degree list into the harbor.  Building is
> currently declared unsafe but I have not heard any further information.
> How do you view a failure like this after 27 years?
> Paul Feather