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RE: "Read Only" AutoCad files

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Title: RE: "Read Only" AutoCad files

If plotting is all the client needs:

In Autocad R14:
File Export as Drawing Web Format (.dwf) This is a non-modifiable format, but is not readily importable back into Autocad.

Client can view/plot by installing Autodesk WHIP viewer for Internet Explorer or Netscape.  Get it at,,163301,00.html

David Carr
Atlanta, GA

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Subject: "Read Only" AutoCad files

I am trying to provide a client with "read only" versions of AutoCad data
files. My local tech support people recommended that I select a DWF
eplot.pc3 plotter, which essentially gives you a plot that can be viewed on
a web browser (Internet Explorer). You can also plot the drawing on a
printer (although the scale does not seem to be exact). However, my client
has a pen plotter and does not seem to be able to plot the file.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this, or another way of saving an
AutoCAD file in a "read only" format.

David P. Evangelista, PE
Evan Corporation
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