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masonry infill walls as lateral bracing

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Keith asked about this topic a couple weeks ago.  My
email has been down.

Try the book "Tall Building Structures-Analysis and
Design" by Bryan Stafford Smith and Alex Coull,
published by Wiley.  They give a very complete
treatment of the subject of true infill systems (and
many others) if you really want it.

However, I agree with previous posts: for a low-rise
building, keep the masonry and the steel in separate
planes and connect with brackets using drilled-in
anchor bolts into bond beams.  Make sure you provide
continuous steel perimeter members (or bondbeam
reinforcing with code-compliant, inspected rebar laps)
to serve as "flanges" for the roof diaphragm, if
that's what you're using to transfer lateral loads.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota

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