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RE: Bent Bolts or Threaded Round Stock

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Title: RE: Bent Bolts or Threaded Round Stock

You probably would not want to bend a threaded rod, but perhaps a bent rod with threaded ends would serve your purposes. There is one such device shown here by Haydon Bolt:

Mike Friel at Haydon Bolt is very helpful if you want to know specifics about these kinds of products or other that might meet your needs. There are probably many other manufacturers you could talk to as well if Haydon is not close enough to you.


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Subject: Bent Bolts or Threaded Round Stock

I have a need to utilize bolts, or threaded round stock, that has been
bent. I am looking at two shapes, both a  "U" shape (U -bolts), and a "|_|"
shape to clamp around rectangular tube sections. Additionally, I need it
with a rated capacity, such as an ASTM designation, so that it can be
utilized in a design.

I have contacted a couple of major bolt manufacturers and the response
seems to be that this is the type of work that is typically performed by
the local fabricator. It would seem reasonable to anticipate that if you
start with the proper steel, bend it around a specified minimum diameter
and perform the bend at the proper rate of application, that the result
would be cold working (higher yield and ultimate with reduced elasticity).
If however, the bending is done improperly you could wind up with a piece
that is primed for failure.

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that provides this type of rated bolt,
or a specification that stipulates a procedure to be followed such that you
wind up with a bolt of known properties at the end of the bending operation.

Thanks in advance

David P. Evangelista, PE
Evan Corporation
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