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RE: Seismic design of flatplates

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Megally and Ghali also had an article published on that topic in the Sept -
Oct 2000 ACI Structures Journal.  

Paul Crocker

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Good references are "Slab-Column Connections in Seismic Zones", Megally and
Ghali, ACI Structural Journal, May-June 1994 and "Lateral Displacement of
Reinforced Concrete Flat Plates", Pan and Moehle, ACI Structural Journal,
May-June 1989.  Relationships between story drift ratio and punching shear
capacity are given.  Many references for further reading on the subject are

Jason Emoto

>>> Einar Einarsson <einar(--nospam--at)> 12/14/00 05:38AM >>>

I would like to hear from you.
 I am designing 7 story high concrete building.  It has shearwalls to resist
the  wind and earthquake loads and flatplates on columns to resist vertical
loads. My consern is about punching of the flatplates because of eccentric
punching during earthquake.  The expected effectiv ground peak acceleration
is 0.15g at the building site with 500 years return.
Do you have any recommendations.  Should I reduce the nominal shear strenght
of the concrete and provide shear stirrups ?
Are there any recommendations from Europe i.e. ceb/fip.

Einar Einarsson, CE.