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Re: building permits

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I recommend that the engineer not be a party to extensive construction
being done without a permit because the engineer will become a party to
illegal action and become very vulnerable to litigation which could come
from several fronts: a disgruntled owner, tenants who find some fault or
from the agency if they find out about it. It could easily result in
suspension of the engineer's license.]

Stan Scholl, P.E., FASCE

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000 13:55:37 -0800 "scottk"
<scottk(--nospam--at)> writes:
> How should an engineer deal with a very large structural retrofit 
> project
> that requires his/her nearly continuous on-side inspection during
> construction, when the client and contractor have no intention of 
> obtaining
> a building permit or interacting with the local building department?
> In the Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC, based on the 1997 
> UBC), they
> actually print sections from the Oregon Revised Statutes.  The one 
> of
> interest regarding my question is:  ?ORS 455.450 - A person shall 
> not engage
> in or procure, aid, or abet any other person to engage in any 
> conduct or
> activity for which a required by any specialty 
> code...without
> first having obtained such a permit...? (Section 103 of the 1998 
> OSSC).
> Would the continuous on-site inspection provided by the engineer 
> violate
> rules/law/code/ethics?
> The engineer in question is a relative new PE without the benefit of 
> having
> experienced PE?s in the office to provide guidance.
> Thank you very much for your responses.
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