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Re: "Read Only" AutoCad files

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hi Gerard!

Well u asked- saving autocad files as read-only! or as pdf format un able to edit... Well u can only save it as a image format!

"Command: Saveimg (press enter)"
(a dialogue box appears, to select the image format, eg. Bitmap, targa, or tiff,)
then assign the area!

When i think this will solve your problem! :)

From: "Gerard Madden" <GMadden(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Re: "Read Only" AutoCad files
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:01:32 -0800

David P. Evangelista, PE" Wrote:

<Does anyone know how to accomplish this, or another way of saving an
AutoCAD file in a "read only" format.>

You can make it read only using windows but I would not recommend it. I believe someone can simply do a SAVE AS after they are done editing the drawing.

Another option you may have is to use the BIND command in Autocad. What bind does is it takes all of the XREF's in a cad file and makes them permanent in the drawing. In the process it completely screws up the layer names using $$$ notation at seemingly random points in the original layer name. The benefit of BIND is that it makes it extremely difficult to work efficiently in Autocad. This is usefull if say a contractor or someone else wants your cad file to plot. The benefit is it allows them to plot and even extract a few things from the file, but makes it very difficult to try to "Manipulate" for some sinister purpose. In addition, I would also remove your border and/or logo from the cad file before you send it, especially to a contractor.

Of course, BIND only works if you use xrefs for your detail and plan assemblages. If you don't do cad this way, you are already wasting time in my opinion.

Hope this helps,

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