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Re: Engineering service

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To begin, whether or not you would assume responsibility for the entire
project is dependent on the issues that need to be resolved.  If the item in
question can be looked at as it's own entity (i.e. stairs, a canopy, or
similar item) that is independent of the engineering work for the structure,
than you would not assume responsibility for the entire project.  Otherwise
I  think you would assume liability for the entire project, because you are
assuming the role of the EOR.

If the project really was a design build effort (this term is used far to
loosely and often out of context), the original engineer and architect were
part of the same team as the contractor/builder.  The fact that they will
not return the calls could be because they were fired along with the
contractor, there could be outstanding issues regarding payment, or any
number of other complications.

I would be very hesitant to place myself in the middle.

Paul Feather
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> I have been requested to help a client who has been
> not pleased with the performance of his design-build
> firm and has canceled their service. The project is
> not completed and has been carried out since by
> another builder based on the approved plan made by the
> previous design-build contractor. As the project is
> going to the final phase to get the final inspection,
> the inspector found out couple discrepancies  that
> need to be addressed to the engineer/architect of
> record of the project and also their approval. My
> client has tried to reach them several times, by phone
> as well as by mail,but there has been no response.
> I like to know your comments respecting how to
> approach the case to help the client to finalize the
> project and if I give them my engineering service, do
> I assume all the engineering responsibility of the
> whole project.
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