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Weld Fractures

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Title: Weld Fractures


C 3x4.1 (A325) flange tips welded vertically to the side of a 12" Sch 40 (A53B) pipe for sign blade attachment.

channel is tacked in position then we are stagger stitching with 3/16 fillets 2" @ 6".

outside temp was about 35F.  weld rod was 3/16" 7018.  welder attached one flange all the way down as indicated.  when attaching the second flange (opp side), the welds are cracking away from base material (pipe) upon cooling. No applied loads.

Thoughts ?  Other than alternating sides as installation proceeds ?  Are we dealing with radial exp/contraction of the pipe ?  i would have thought channel web would flex enough to accomodate it . . .


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