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December 20, 2000 Structuralist.Net

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A great deal has been added to the Structuralist.Net which many of you will
find useful. To start off the year, visit our Software Freeware forum where
you can download a full featured Virus protection software from Computer

While searching the Internet, I visited the Sci-ARC website and found an
interesting paper by one of the students on the Infrastructure of Day
Laborers. Day Labor has been the backbone of the construction industry -
contributing most available labor from undocumented immigrants willing to
work for barely minimum wage. While the author covers the exploitation of
Day Labor, the Structuralist takes a look at the possibility of a
relationship between construction defects leading to excessive damage during
natural disasters and the unskilled labor often placed in responsible
positions by independent general contractors.

We have added a new discussion forum listing each of the research documents
from Virginia Polytechnic University for Monotonic and Cyclic testing of
Perforated Shearwalls. The forum is available for the review of the
documents and discussions of the adequacy of the method for use lateral
design of wood structures meeting full compliance design according to the 97
UBC. The Perforated Shearwall method is being pressed ahead by the National
Association of Home Builders for HUD and by the AF&PA who first introduced
the method some six or more years ago. While I can find no inherent problems
in the methodology, the Structuralist.Net believes the professional
community should carefully review the documents and offer comments and
constructive criticism before the methods are adopted into state codes.
Currently, the state of Oregon is less than a month away from adopting the
methodology in opposition to the opinions of the state SEA chapter. In our
opinion, the adoption of a new design method should be considered at a
national level rather adopted on a state by state basis. I urge you to study
the test data and bring forth any opinions, comments, suggestions or
criticism that you may have for discussion.

There is a great deal more added this month - including our Architect of the
month Frank O. Gehry and his Deconstructivist Architectural style -
featuring this 1979 Santa Monica California residence.

You can always find the Professional forum by starting at and clicking on the Professional button along
the left border.

Please let me know what you think of our progress and what you wish to have

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