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Weld Fractures (refrain)

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Title: Weld Fractures (refrain)

welding procedure was single pass SMAW with (and i misspoke previously) 1/8" 5P+ 6010 rod, again no preheat.  wrong rod looks like to me and can you get 3/16" fillet from 1/8" rod in single pass ?

the rod supplier advised changing to the 3/16" 7018.

cracks appeared after final cooling at the outboard toe of the weld (more like separation of fillet from base material pipe) . . . odder still , they now tell me that they alternated sides as they stitched and yet only one side is separating . . .

welder is not certified and did not report amperage, etc.

sound like i have the wrong welder doing my work ?

thanks again for the brain time !

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