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Re: Engineering service

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I would have serious reservations about doing something like this.  I
would want to be very confident of why the EOR is no longer in the
picture.  Short of being dead or ill, more than likely the EOR walked
away because of something the owner did, such as non-payment.  I
wouldn't want to be the one to bail out a guy like this from this
situation, enable him to not live up to his commitment with his
engineer, or run the risk of not getting paid myself.  I don't think I
would want to do this without talking personally with the EOR.

Regarding liability, I would look at it like this.  You are putting
yourself in the soup.  Remember that in legal forums, things are rarely
all or nothing.  Anything goes wrong, everyone in the soup will
contribute to the kitty.  Wether that means 90-10 for or against you or
50-50, I think it is always a crap shoot.  I would think that the
original engineer's position would be: "yes we made a mistake, but had
we been involved during the construction we would have rectified the
issue.  Instead, another licensed Structural Engineer got involved, had
the plans, should have noticed the issue, but didn't."  Does 60-40 sound
like a judgement that a judge or jury might come back with?

Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA

Tin Dinh wrote:
> I have been requested to help a client who has been
> not pleased with the performance of his design-build
> firm and has canceled their service. The project is
> not completed and has been carried out since by
> another builder based on the approved plan made by the
> previous design-build contractor. As the project is
> going to the final phase to get the final inspection,
> the inspector found out couple discrepancies  that
> need to be addressed to the engineer/architect of
> record of the project and also their approval. My
> client has tried to reach them several times, by phone
> as well as by mail,but there has been no response.
> I like to know your comments respecting how to
> approach the case to help the client to finalize the
> project and if I give them my engineering service, do
> I assume all the engineering responsibility of the
> whole project.
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