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RE: masonry infill walls( hey David Chang)

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While I don't recall seeing any  suggestions on detailings connections to
engage the infil wall, you might want to check out FEMA 273 (Guidlelines
for Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings) and FEMA 274 (the commentary).
FEMA 273 does have some methodologies included for evaluating masonry
infill walls (if I recall correctly), including a method for determining
the "equivalent" compression strut.

Hope that helps,


On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Hyndman, Keith wrote:

> I followed up you email with the call you suggested, however they are
> unable to find the information that you are refering to. I guess I need
> a more specific description of the seminar to which you are refering.  I
> am familar with the concept of the equivalent compression strut. I need
> some more guidence on how that is detailed in a steel frame building to
> ensure the strut is engaged, especially when you have a two story
> building and the 2nd floor outside girder cannot come in contact with
> the wall below to allow for floor deflection.
> Anyway, thanks for your efforts.
> Keith Hyndman
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> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 11:49 AM
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> Subject: Re: masonry infill walls as lateral bracing in a low rise steel
> framebuilding
> There was a seminar conducted by the Structural Engineers Association of
> Southern California sometime in  1997 talked about all this issues using
> existing unreinforced masonry infill walls as the lateral bracing for
> concrete or steel frame buildings. The basic ideal is to use finite
> element analysis to determine the so called equivalent compression strut
> as the lateral bracing which models the secant stiffness at anticipated
> displacement. You can call SEAOSC office at 562-908-6131and maybe even
> ask to talk to the chairs of existing buildings committee or nondoctile
> concrete building subcommittee.
> >>> KHyndman(--nospam--at) 11/27 10:22 AM >>>
> 	I'll looking for a design guide, tech notes, etc. for the use of
> masonry infill walls as lateral bracing in a low rise steel frame
> building. I have already have spoken to The Masonry Society, the NCMA,
> the CMACN, and any number of structural engineers. Everyone seems to
> know it is possible, but nothing on paper to back it up. Specifically I
> need some workable details for reinforcing and connections to the steel
> beam and columns.
> 	Thanks 
> 	Keith Hyndman 
> 	ESI 
> 	Exton, PA