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SCBF question

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Section 13.4.a.4 of the 1997 AISC Seismic Provisions Manual states:
"The top and bottom flanges of the beam at the point of intersection
of braces shall be designed to support a lateral force that is equal
to 2 percent of the nominal beam flange strength Fy(bf)(tbf)"
If the beam cannot be directly laterally supported at this location
is it acceptable to design the beam using the special loading
combinations of chapter 16 (97 UBC) along with a lateral force
equal to Fy(bf)(tbf) in the weak direction at each flange and
check the member for the combined biaxial bending and compression
resulting?  A plan checker at DSA suggested using 10% of the axial
force in the beam resulting from the special loading combinations.

Mark Pemberton, P.E..