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Re: "Crack" the CMOS System password??

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Note:  I said CMOS password.  Most new motherboards have a jumper just to
flash the password.  I have done it.

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Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 3:18 PM
Subject: "Crack" the CMOS System password??

> S. Peeran wrote:
> >>Is there any program to crack the CMOS system password? In case if a the
> password has been forgot or else the system was locked?? Well is there any
> Patcher availabe in Net??<<
> There should not be a password for access to the CMOS.  Look very
> when you boot, there should be something that says, "For system setup,
> <CTRL-ALT-ESQ>" or something similar.
> DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT mess with the jumper on the motherboard except in
> dire emergency!  And only when you have a complete BIOS upgrade available
> a bootable floppy disk.
> Last night, I was reading (looking thru) Scott Mueller's, "Upgrading and
> Repairing PCs," (Que, 10th Anniversary Edition) about upgrading BIOSes.
> have info on upgrading flash BIOSes, and what to do if you interrupt the
> upgrade before it completes.  (That is when you want to carefully change
> jumper on the motherboard.)
> Mueller also has hints on what function key will access the CMOS setup for
> couple of BIOSes (Phoenix and Award, IIRC).  I will look up the
> again, if you need it.
> Hope this helps.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona