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FW: "Crack" the CMOS System password??

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My computer, a Dell Precision WS420, has has two jumpers on the motherboard, one for resetting the real-time clock and CMOS, and another one whose only function is to erase the system password.

Gunnar Hafsteinn Isleifsson

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Subject: Re: "Crack" the CMOS System password??

Les Rhinehart wrote:

. > Note:  I said CMOS password.  Most new motherboards have a jumper just to
. > flash the password.  I have done it.

The jumper that I believe that you are referring to is the jumper that is for 
"Flash BIOS Recovery" operation or "Flash BIOS Normal" operation.  The 
"Flash" refers to a BIOS chip that is "flash" (software) upgradable, and does 
not refer to "flashing" a password on the monitor.

If you have changed the jumper from the "normal" operation to the "recovery" 
operation and back to "normal" again without a problem, then I would say that 
you were very fortunate.

Instructions to access CMOS settings (sometimes referred to "system" 
settings) are displayed early in the boot operation and consists of keys that 
must be pressed while the message is displayed.  The keys can be a 
combination, such as, <CTRL-ALT-ESQ>, or a function key.  This happens on all 
of my computers, the newest of which is an AMD K6-300, and the oldest of 
which is a 1990 586/133 (formerly 486/33) model.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona