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QUERY: Updated AASHTO Standard Specifica

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The representative to AASHTO from your state DOT is listed in the front of 
the AASHTO specs or,>information-->member department-->Texas.  

Your best bet would be to contact him/her for information.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Polhemus wrote:

>>It seems to me that someone here within the last few months mentioned that
AASHTO is looking for comments on their Design Specification for supports for
highway signs, luminaires, traffic signals, etc. They are looking to publish a
Fourth Edition of this specification.

I noticed that the most current AASHTO publications catalogue mentioned an
August 2000 publishing date for that edition, but when I called their
publications order number, I was told it would be in February 2001. I assume,
then, that they are trying to get some further updates before they release it.

I would like to make some comments for the consideration of the committee
overseeing this, but don't know whom to contact. Does anyone have a contact
name, number, email, or anything else along that line? I would DEARLY love to
come up with a draft copy of this standard, for comment.

Thanks for any info you might have.<<