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Re: Specifying Glulam Combinations

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24FV4 is what is commonly stocked in our local lumber yards, so that is what
I specify.

Randy Vogelgesang S.E.
South Lake Tahoe

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From: Bruce Pooley <bdpooley(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Thursday, December 21, 2000 9:50 AM
Subject: Specifying Glulam Combinations

>I am working on proposed revisions to the AITC 117-93 Design standard for
>glued laminated timber. I am curious as to which combinations are being
>What combinations do you specify?
>Do you  know that there are 82 listed combinations in Table 1 (multiple
>grade members used primarily for bending members). Bending strength levels
>of 16F, 20F, 22F, 24F, 26F 28F and 30F. (24F means 2400 psi in bending).
>Please make other suggestions that would improve this standard if you have
>such ideas.
>Bruce Pooley PE
>Timber Design
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