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RE: QUERY: Do You Use Adobe Acrobat To Create Calculation Documents?

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I do use Adobe for this very purpose...its great for a number of
reasons....sometimes I use it as a way to get review sketches, drawings,
calcs, reports, etc. out to clients for their review and comment.  I have
also used it to collaborate final deliverables as you describe.  You can do
auto page number and mix in table of contents like you've asked.

The other thing I like is that Adobe will take a larger file say an excel
spreadsheet and significantly reduce its file size when translated.

I like Adobe and think its great for exactly what you're talking about.
Well worth the $250.

John Whitty, P.E.

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Subject: QUERY: Do You Use Adobe Acrobat To Create Calculation

Since my calcs typically come from disparate sources--output from
VisualAnalysis/VisualDesign, Mathcad templates, Excel spreadsheets, etc.--I
would like to be able to combine them all neatly into a single electronic

It seems to me that if I could create a PDF file for my calculation package,
including "global" page numbering, table(s) of contents, etc., that would be
ideal. I see that Acrobat has "mark-up" capabilities but never having used
it, I
don't know if those would include, for example, auto-page numbering and
indexing, which would be IDEAL. But at ~$250, it would not be worth my while
buy the product if it doesn't do what I need for it to do.

I'd like comments from any/everyone who has used Acrobat in any such

Bear in mind that some of my clients actually REQUIRE formal calculation
documents as a deliverable.

Thanks for your input.