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""Is there any option to print the direc

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"Old DOS guy" Tom Hunt wrote:

>>This is one of those features that mysteriously disappeared during the
Windoze development.  There are several shareware programs that will handle
printing the directory.  If you don't mind DOS you can use the following

Go to the DOS prompt (if you do not know what this is, stop here)
Change to desired drive (i.e. C:/)
Change to desired directory (sorry, Folder)
Type the following  DIR /S /B /ON > PRN

This will send the results directly to your printer.  If you would like to
SAVE this file substitute filename.txt for PRN above.<<

Ain't DOS great in its simplicity?

However, I think that that command would give you a list of all the files in 
the directory and subdirectories.  (Make sure you have plenty of paper in 
your printer if your computer is set up with only a C: drive)  If Peeran 
wants only the directory tree, the command probably should be (MS-DOS 6.22):

DIR /S /AD /ON > [PRN|LPN1|LPN2]  where LPN# is the parallel port the
                                    printer is connected to (PRN=LPN1).

(This will also give you the subdirectory files, . [current] and .. [parent])

For DOS prior to 6.22, 

DIR *. /S 

will give you a listing of all the directories, subdirectories *and* all 
files that don't have extensions.

I use a program, XTREE, that will give you a directory tree for the drive 
that you are on or specify, the number of files in each 
directory/subdirectory, and the amount of space occupied by those files.  If 
you want more, it will do a DOS graphic display of the 
directories/subdirectories, and will also give you a complete list of all the 
files in each directory/subdirectory.

Since Windoze is merely a GUI that needs the DOS operating system to work 
(MS-DOS 7 for W98), the DIR command should also work from the DOS prompt in a 
DOS window.

A. Roger Turk P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona