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Re: ""Is there any option to print the direc

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     Here is a list of freeware and shareware from a search.

 I have a free downloaded program called "disk usage" that gives the files and file sizes but not in tree form.  It doesn't do subfiles either. Some of the above look better.

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From: Roger Turk <73527.1356(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Friday, December 22, 2000 3:00 PM
Subject: ""Is there any option to print the direc

>"Old DOS guy" Tom Hunt wrote:
>>>This is one of those features that mysteriously disappeared during the
>Windoze development.  There are several shareware programs that will handle
>printing the directory.  If you don't mind DOS you can use the following
>Go to the DOS prompt (if you do not know what this is, stop here)
>Change to desired drive (i.e. C:/)
>Change to desired directory (sorry, Folder)
>Type the following  DIR /S /B /ON > PRN
>This will send the results directly to your printer.  If you would like to
>SAVE this file substitute filename.txt for PRN above.<<
>Ain't DOS great in its simplicity?
>However, I think that that command would give you a list of all the files in 
>the directory and subdirectories.  (Make sure you have plenty of paper in 
>your printer if your computer is set up with only a C: drive)  If Peeran 
>wants only the directory tree, the command probably should be (MS-DOS 6.22):
>DIR /S /AD /ON > [PRN|LPN1|LPN2]  where LPN# is the parallel port the
>                                    printer is connected to (PRN=LPN1).
>(This will also give you the subdirectory files, . [current] and .. [parent])
>For DOS prior to 6.22, 
>DIR *. /S 
>will give you a listing of all the directories, subdirectories *and* all 
>files that don't have extensions.
>I use a program, XTREE, that will give you a directory tree for the drive 
>that you are on or specify, the number of files in each 
>directory/subdirectory, and the amount of space occupied by those files.  If 
>you want more, it will do a DOS graphic display of the 
>directories/subdirectories, and will also give you a complete list of all the 
>files in each directory/subdirectory.
>Since Windoze is merely a GUI that needs the DOS operating system to work 
>(MS-DOS 7 for W98), the DIR command should also work from the DOS prompt in a 
>DOS window.
>A. Roger Turk P.E.(Structural)
>Tucson, Arizona