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Re: Coordinate Geometry Software

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Dear James,

Try "A Programmer's Geometry" by Adrian Bowyer and John Woodwark. publisher is
Butterworths, 1983 (English).  Lent my copy to a fellow masters student, and all
I got back was a darkish copy.  Caltech Library number is QA447B68 1983.  Page
100 shows the equations, but lines are done parametrically (initial point plus
percentage of offset to end).

Hope this helps.

Patrick Rodgers

"Lutz, James" wrote:

> I'm looking for a good general purpose 3D coordinate geometry software
> program for general engineering calculations. Something simple that just
> runs under Windows rather than AutoCAD or Microstation. I don't really need
> a survey program. Any recommendations?
> Also, does anybody know a current math reference where I can find a formula
> for calculating the closest distance between two lines. I'm working on a
> tieback wall with an angle in it and need to check for possible interference
> in the cables. I've looked in a couple of references for analytic geometry
> and had no luck. Somebody out there who knows how close we just came to
> getting hit by a comet must know where I can find the answer.