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QUERY: Methods for Nondestructive Examination of Concrete Column

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Working as a subconsultant, I had requested of my client that they hire a
testing outfit to determine the reinforcing in a 30 inch concrete column that
supports an elevated sign on one of our local Interstates (It is a "sign
bridge", so two columns.

I didn't specify the method to be used--I figured that was up to the lab
guys--but simply asked that they tell us reliably what the reinforcing is in
those columns.

In the past, as it happens, I have used both an analog "R-meter" and more
recently a digtal "Micro Covermeter" manufactured by SoilTest, Inc. So I do have
some acquaintance with this procedure.

I have just been informed that the test lab was "unable to determine the
reinforcing" using an X-Ray machine (which surprised me; I would never have
thought such a setup would be applicable). Then, they were unable to make a
determination using an "R-meter" (I do not know what type device they used).

Now they are asking ME if I have any suggestions. I would have thought that
would be THEIR bailiwick, but they are asking me nevertheless.

I'd like to know if anyone here has any experience with methods to get this
data, using the methods I've mentioned or any other (PARTICULARLY any other)

Thanks in advance.