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RE: Composite Design Selection Tables stop at W12x30?

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I found that writing a spread sheet using the formulas given in the LRFD
manual wasn't too difficult.  Once I verified that it could reproduce any of
the tabulated vaules, I began using it for sections not covered by the
tables.  In our case the properties were needed for an older existing
structure with out-dated sections.  (We are doing a push-over analysis
on the structure for seismic upgrade purposes)
Mark Pemberton, P.E.

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Subject: RE: Composite Design Selection Tables stop at W12x30?

>Reference AISC 2ed LRFD  
>Why do the Composite Design Selection Tables stop at W12x30? 
>Why not list the properties for the W12x35 or W12x50?

There's no reason you couldn't use other cross-sections. It's just a case of what the writer of that table chose to include. The selection was reduced for space considerations. We'll take a look at that table as we are re-doing those tables for the next Manual.