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For a 4-story, wood-framed, senior housing facility, the building official
requires that the stairways be sheathed with gypboard on the outside, one
layer of 5/8", and the gypboard cannot be interrupted by ledgers.  Neither
will he allow the floor joists to bear on the stairway walls.

Studs are 2x6, D.Fir-Larch(N), @ 16".  Load from each floor is about 1100

Can a ledger be lag-screwed or thru-bolted through the gypboard?  What I
have in mind is a single 2x12, D.Fir-Larch(N) with the floor joists attached
with Simpson hangers.

Are the values in UBC Table 23-III-B-1 applicable?  Modifiable?

Is there a better way to approach the problem?

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